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Business administration is the process of managing a business or non-profit organization so that it remains stable and continues to grow. This consists of a number of areas, ranging from operations to management. There are many different roles related to business administration, including business support, office manager, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), among others. Most companies have a dedicated group of administrators.

Main Areas

Business administration may evaluate employees to set reasonable workload standards.

The main areas incorporated into business administration are operations, logistics, marketing, economics, Human Resources (HR), and management. An administrator oversees these parts of an organization to make sure that they're all functioning properly and efficiently individually, and that they're all working together to make the business profitable. He or she may also come up with ways to make the department more profitable, and often delegates tasks to employees in the department. Large companies usually have at least one administrator assigned to each area.


The work environment for an individual in business administration depends largely on the type of job she is doing.

Most companies have a range of administrative roles in different parts of their corporate hierarchy. At the office level, there are business support officers, who might develop and maintain an office database, oversee other employees for projects, and help the manager with analyzing performance trends. At the next level there are office managers, who oversee an entire office, make budgets and analyses of staff performance, design procedures, and assign projects, among other things. If an organization is large, it may have several assistant managers to help the overall office manager.

An office manager may be responsible for scheduling executive meetings.

After office-level managers, there are division administrators, who oversee large portions of an organization. They generally specialize in one area of business administration. For instance, a company might have a person with a specialization in HR administration oversee that department and make sure it's working efficiently to meet the business' overall goals. This includes things like measuring the performance of HR staff members, hiring new staff for the department if needed or getting rid of non-performing staff, and making sure that the process for hiring is workable.

The head of overall operations in business administration is usually referred to as the chief executive officer (CEO) or president. The CEO and president may be the same office, but this varies between companies. The CEO, depending on the size of the company, may have several vice presidents, each responsible for one area of company operations. For example, there could be a vice president for marketing, one for research and design, and one for sales or customer relations. Each of these operate independently.

Work Environment

The work environment for someone in business administration depends largely on the type of job he or she is doing. Those on the lower end of the hierarchy often work in structured environments and make frequent reports to their superiors, while those higher up may have more freedom with their schedules. Depending on the type of organization, work hours may be 9 AM to 5 PM or they may be more flexible. Overtime is often required when big projects are nearing completion, or when annual analyses and presentations need to be made.

Generally speaking, anyone in this type of position needs to have excellent communication skills, as he or she will be working with a lot of different people, sending out memos, and making reports. They also need to be comfortable with making presentations, and they need to be able to lead people. Another important skill is being able to understand how many different parts of a system or organization work together, so that they can make workable systems and figure out what's wrong with those that don't work. Most are also very good at math and have an understanding of economics, since they usually make budgets and analyze their office, department, or company's performance.


Many universities offer business administration programs for both online and offline study. A typical curriculum covers the critical aspects of operating a business such as customer service, business finance, marketing, and human resources. Aspiring administrators can improve their marketability by minoring in a related field such as an applied science for engineering or psychology for marketing and sales.

Most large companies want applicants that have at least a master's degree in a business-related field. This involves getting hands-on experience, typically by interning at a corporation to get a feel for how the different aspects fit together. Depending on a student's chosen area, he or she may need to write and enact a business plan to prove your competency; for example, a marketing or sales plan for a hypothetical product may need to be developed.

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What future will I have if I study business administration? I mean, what type of job will I have after completing the degree? I'm a first year Business Administration student. I want to know about the best site for my studies.


I'm a first year Business Administration student. I want to know about the best site for my studies.


What future will I have if I study business administration. I mean, what type of job will I have after completing the degree?


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I love business admin and management, but I don't know what is really all about. Can anyone help with me? Is there anywhere that has a lot of information about it? I just finished high school. I am 17. --Poja


I am Lili, from Guinea-Bissau. I want to study business administration, so I want to know what can I do in the future? How can you help me to find direction, and elementary instructions.


I am a matriculant doing mathematics literacy with a B symbol. Would I be able to study Business Administration?


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I'm Aljen. I want to know what I will be doing in the office if I do business administration? Can someone please help me to understand this course much better?


Business administration skills are fundamental to successful living because life itself is a business empire which requires management for accomplishments, or fulfillment of assignments.


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I've got an impossible thing to do.

My best friend is in her first year of college and taking business A-B (which is what? Business Administration? I don't know). Anyway, the biggest problems are she's just started taking the business class and she doesn't understand a thing from the stupid book. She studied for six hours and got through three paragraphs@

She can't find anyone to help her and can't find a tutor to tutor her. She's supposed to go to college next Saturday and she's freaking out.

I have no idea what to even research to help her and

the worst part is I'm in my first year of high school

and my sister (she introduced us to each other) is in her last year of high school! Mix them all together and it's a recipe for disaster. Please, someone help!


Does anyone offer online notes in the diploma for B.A.? Please help.


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I'm interested in business administration. I'm not good with math and would love to go ahead with this degree. Give me more information about this program. thanks


I'm Kyerematen from Ghana, and I just got my admission letter to offer business administration but I did visual art at the senior high level.

Later, I enrolled in the I.C.T school and currently working at my own office as graphics designer/Managing Director. Please, I am not familiar with this course. Could you please brief me on it a bit and it's options?


I am going to do business administration. Is it hard or easy? I know nothing is easy; practice makes it easy. Is math in it. How do I deal with it?


I like Business Administration. It is my first and second choice in higher institutions. But my future aspiration is to be a banker. Is it possible for someone who studies business administration to work at the bank? What will be the position of the person? -- Mike


i want know what i will be doing in the office if i do business administration.


How can I apply the skills in business and administration to other fields like information technology or computer systems analyst? How can incorporate the skill of a computer expert or programmer into the field of business management?


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I studied public administration in polytechnic and obtained a national diploma which meant I could apply for direct entry in the university to study business administration. so i need someone to enlighten me on the dos and don'ts of business administration and the various subjects which are the key subjects to business administration.


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i am currently studying a business administration course. Somehow it comes to my mind if what are the future for the said course. is it demand here neither in abroad?


I applied for a job and they said i had to do the admin and stay in the tilt. does it mean i deal with all the orders and inventories? can you give me an example of what I am going to? not good in math either. Please answer.


can you help me to choose my course. I like business but I don't like math.


thank you for telling me. I can make my decision correctly now thanks to Wisegeek.


i am a student in college doing a office administration level 4 this year and i want to go to university but the problem is i don't know what course i must do. i am deciding between human resources and business management. i don't know which one i must choose. please can you help me with my problem.


I`m Gladys, i want to study Business Admin, but the problem is that i never studied any Art subject in my secondary school. Can i still make it?


l am taking business administration for the first time so please direct me what to do. Thanks.


I want to know what i will be doing in the office if am employed as a business administrator.


i wish to do business administration and i would like to know the various courses to take for it since I am applying for a university. i need your advice please.


I am Alvin and i would like to know whats the difference between business and business administration. Please reply.


i got admitted to the university of Abuja Nigeria part time program to study Business Administration. i want you to tell me the side i will visit to study.


I got admission to study business administration. Please i want you to tell me the most acceptable book for the course.


i got an admission into polytechnic. i want to know more about business administration and what the course takes.


Please just help me out. What if someone does not have economics? can he/she replace it with another subject?


I just want to know what subject should be taken if you want to get a course in business administration? and which major would better to get? marketing or management?


I want to study business administration and will be thankful if you can advise me what subjects I should take. Thank you in advance!


I want to study law and take a course in business administration. what should i study in school? should i get admission at the university?


the article is really great. i am a student of business administration, in my third year and now after reading this article i have come to know that what actually business administration mean. thank you so much. b. sarhandi


I want to study business administration and will be thankful if you can advise me what subjects I should take. Thank you in advance!

Sacky Albin

same problem. i also need someone to help me out on what exactly to do o to say. What subject do i need to do my studies in for business administration?


I just want to go to university to study business administration and economics. Please, what subjects should i take and where will i work if i graduate from university?


thanks. It was really helpful! --aisha


I am Jabiri have a BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) and now i am working for a company which provides storage solutions and i am working as a sales executive. I wanted to a post graduation degree. could you help me in doing so and help me choose the topic. -Jabir.


I am taking business administration for the first time. can you please direct me what to do?


I am taking business administration for the first time so I just want to know what are the key courses that will be involved in the plan? yolanda


I am david and i want to study business administration and i took it as my career and my life so i want somebody to help me out in this way. Please tell me the recommended textbooks and tell me how to go about it. thank you all.


I am an OND Holder in Business Administration and Management and now I have put in for Business Studies and Management for HNC. Am i on the right track?


Thanks. I really appreciate the definition of what is business administration.


Thank you for this article and this website. I am able to do my assignment.


I'm Batho.I'm presently doing my bachelors international Business Administration. Please can you give me the key courses in in this academic field?


right now i am trying to figure out if accounts is included in business administration and what are the courses included.


I am currently studying for a diploma in business administration so that by next year i'll be able to start a degree in business information technology. am i on the right track? kindly advise.


i was taking english, math, literature, chemistry, biology, physiology, history and geograpahy, so does this mean that i can't study business administration? Please help. neko


I am a high school graduate and want to take up business courses somewhere abroad. Tell me the challenges, advantages and disadvantages.


Hi Lily Best: The subjects you need are: Maths, English, Commerce, Economics, Accounting, Government, and CRS if you like.


I am an undergraduate student in business administration.I'm in my final year. I need you to put me through in my courses e.g Analysis of decision making. i wish to have distinctions in all this courses and i believe it is possible. Kindly assist however you can. Thank you TY



i am an undergraduate student studying business administrations, i have just a year to graduate and i am finding my courses too difficult for me especially ANALYSIS OF BUSINESS DECISION, please i need you to put me through with the little you can.


Thank u


hi lilly best: this is omax son. i just want to give you the main subjects of Business Admin. and it is thus: Maths, Eng, Econs and any other social science subject like government. thanks


I am Lily Best. I would like someone to give me a reply as soon as possible. I am about to obtain my WAEC very soon, in 2010.

I chose business administration as my course. Please send me the original subjects of business administration.

Thank you all. Lily Best


Business & Administration skills are critical to the growth of the UK economy. As the national standard setting body for Vocational Education in Business, Administration and Governance, the CfA (Council for Administration) leads the UK’s drive for world class skills.

The CfA office is located in Vauxhall just off Albert Embankment near Vauxhall underground and mainline stations. Please click on the link below to download a map and directions.


administration job

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