UTSA faculty earn accolades for their dedication to student success (2023)

Thursday, September 1, 2022

UTSA faculty earn accolades for their dedication to student success (2)


AUGUST 31, 2022 — The UTSA Divsion of Academic Affairs has announced the promotion of 130 faculty members, effective September 1.

“I congratulate these outstanding faculty members, who are representative of the exceptional caliber of educators at UTSA,” saidKimberly Andrews Espy,provost and senior vice president for academic affairs. “Our faculty’s commitment to scholarly excellence and student success is fundamental to the growth of the university, the achievements of our students and the positive impact both make on the greater San Antonio community.”

Among tenured/tenure-track faculty, 25 faculty members have been promoted to associate professor with tenure.Tenure is awarded to faculty based on accomplishments in each of three categories of performance: teaching, research/scholarship/creative activities and service. Another 17 faculty members were promoted to full professor in recognition of their sustained professional accomplishments.

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  • Sara Ahmed, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Ethan C. Ahn, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Elias Bou-Harb, Information Systems and Cyber Security
  • Qian Chen, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Kimberly Fonzo, English
  • Ginny Garcia-Alexander, Sociology
  • Claudia Garcia-Louis, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
  • Yanmin Gong, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Richard Gretz, Marketing
  • Greg Griffin, Architecture and Planning
  • Yuanxiong Guo, Information Systems and Cyber Security
  • Marcus Hamilton, Anthropology
  • Jeffrey Hutchinson, Integrative Biology
  • Vikram Kapoor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Construction Management
  • Van Lac, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
  • Nicolas Large, Physics and Astronomy
  • Ashwin Malshe, Marketing
  • Juan Mao, Accounting
  • Megan Piel, Social Work
  • Luca Pozzi, Anthropology
  • Jeff Prevost, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Christopher Rathbone, Biomedical Engineering
  • Robert Tokunaga, Communication
  • Bedrettin Yazan, Bicultural-Bilingual Studies


  • Lorenzo Brancaleon, Physics and Astronomy
  • Jonathan Clark, Management
  • Stacey Davis, Music
  • Wassim Ghannoum, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Construction Management
  • Ovidio Giberga, Art and Art History
  • Brian Hermann, Neuroscience, Developmental and Regenerative Biology
  • Terrence Hill, Sociology
  • Sue Hum, English
  • Ram Krishnan, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Melvin Laracey, Political Science and Geography
  • Bekisizwe Ndimande, Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching
  • John Quarles, Computer Science
  • Francine Romero, Public Administration
  • Libby Rowe, Art and Art History
  • Erica Sosa, Public Health
  • Stephen Temple, Architecture and Planning
  • Omar Valerio-Jimenez, History

In addition, three retired faculty members have been awarded emeritus status in honor of their years of valued service and contribution to the university mission.


  • Lynda de la Vina, Economics
  • Daniel Hollas, Economics
  • Ram Tripathi, Management Science and Statistics

Additionally, 87 fixed-term-track faculty were promoted. To earn promotion, fixed-term-track faculty members must demonstrate excellence in teaching or significant scholarly contribution along with a progressive record of achievement and engagement.


  • Verena Gaudy, Art and Art History
  • Tanoya Harris, Integrative Biology
  • Michele Monseau, Art and Art History
  • Martin Rodriguez, Art and Art History
  • Alan Serna, Art and Art History


  • Laura Bodden, Art and Art History
  • Tiffany Farias-Sokoloski, COEHD - Office of the Dean
  • Claudia Garcia, COEHD - Office of the Dean
  • Mauricio Gomez, Computer Science
  • Zaid Haddad, Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching
  • Jourdan Howell, Music
  • Michael Newell, Academic Inquiry and Scholarship (AIS)
  • Steven Parker, Music
  • Debra Pena, Writing Core Program
  • Jamal Rhadbane, Political Science and Geography
  • Megan Rulewicz, Music
  • Miriam Sobre, Communication
  • Jennifer Swoyer, COEHD - Office of the Dean
  • Alyssa Vikesland, AIS


  • Fatma Arslan, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Terri Earnest, Sociology
  • Patricia Jaramillo, Public Administration
  • Youngjoong Joo, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Kristy Masten, Art and Art History
  • Mary Mathie, Political Science and Geography
  • Juan Mora, Art and Art History
  • Susan Thomas, Chemistry
  • Edit Tóth, Art and Art History
  • James Vaughan, Political Science and Geography
  • Colleen Witt, AIS


  • Effanbee Ayala, Political Science and Geography
  • Christopher Booker, Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Glenn Brown, Information Systems and Cyber Security
  • Elena Camargo, AIS
  • Tamara Casso, Sociology
  • Thomas Crowell, Political Science and Geography
  • Mark Davidson, Chemistry
  • Terri Davis, Information Systems and Cyber Security
  • Ralph Gdovin, Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching
  • Igor Halfin, Mathematics
  • Stacy Johnson, Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching
  • Traci Keck, Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Erin Lunsford, Mathematics
  • Pamela Mahan, Writing Core Program
  • Darren Meritz, Writing Core Program
  • Paul Millette, Music
  • Richard Murphy, Computer Science
  • Elizabeth Olvera, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Marlin Paschal, Political Science and Geography
  • Michelle Pina Theall, Writing Core Program
  • LesLeigh Ring, Communication
  • Susan Rosenberg, Philosophy and Classics
  • Naomi Rubal, AIS
  • Nancy Seidensticker, Educational Psychology
  • Wanda-Lee Smith, Political Science and Geography
  • Brandon Tate, Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching
  • Erin Webber, Music


  • Gina Amatangelo, Public Administration
  • Lilian Cano, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Clifford Kaeser, Political Science and Geography
  • Christina Frasier, Writing Core Program
  • Nancy Hall, Writing Core Program
  • Henry Meade, Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • William Pugh, Information Systems and Cyber Security
  • Dixie Shaw-Tillmon, Writing Core Program
  • Marco Villarreal, Information Systems and Cyber Security
  • Sharon Wilcox, Political Science and Geography
  • Amanda Williams, Writing Core Program
  • Catalina Zarate, Management


  • Andrea Aleman, Political Science and Geography
  • Stephanie Boyd, Political Science and Geography
  • Joanne Ford-Robertson, Sociology
  • Andrea Hansis-Diarte, Political Science and Geography
  • Rita Mitra, Information Systems and Cyber Security
  • Mark Phillips, Management
  • Derek Plantenga, Social Work
  • Ronald Rangel, Political Science and Geography
  • Glen Shaffer, Political Science and Geography
  • Mel Webb, Honors


  • German Plascencia Villa, Neuroscience, Developmental and Regenerative Biology


Learn more about theUTSA faculty review process.

Visit theFaculty Successwebsite to learn more about the opportunities, resources, news and events that help strengthen the Roadrunner Nation faculty community.


  • Christopher Navara, Neuroscience, Developmental and Regenerative Biology


  • Davood Barakat, Mathematics
  • John Chavez, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
  • Donald Goess, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
  • Jennifer Keizer, Writing Core Program
  • Melissa Murata-Gomez, Writing Core Program
  • Andrew Rodriguez, Integrative Biology
  • Thomas Willmott, Integrative Biology

— Matthew Boerger

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We are excited to welcome back our new and continuing graduate students during the grand opening of The Graduate Resource and Academic Development (G.R.A.D.) Space. Similar to our First Fridays, we will have coffee and donuts for our graduate students to enjoy while interacting with peers.

Multidisciplinary Studies Building (MS 2.02-9,) Main Campus

Friday, September 2, 9:00 a.m.

Meet fellow Roadrunners while volunteering with Leadership and Volunteer Services. Kick-off a great year of volunteering with various community service projects on and around campus.

Student Union Paseo, Main Campus

Friday, September 2, 12:00 p.m.

Prepare your taste buds for a sweet treat! Come try some delicious Freshens Fresh Food Studio smoothies at the JPL Food Court.

John Peace Library Food Court

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Orienting new and existing postdocs to UTSA and providing professional development. Faculty mentors of postdocs are invited to attend. Lunch will be served.

Student Union North, Willow Room (SU 2.02.12) Main Campus

Tuesday, September 6, 1:00 p.m.

Participants will explore inclusive practices such as offering students choices in assessments. Through this workshop, participants will explore strategies for a more relevant, equitable, and creative approach to assessment design.

Virtual Event

Tuesday, September 6, 7:30 p.m.

UTSA Music presents its inaugural concert as the newly named School of Music, featuring performances from faculty artists and a guest appearance from San Antonio's esteemed poet-laureate, Andrea "Vocab" Sanderson.

UTSA Recital Hall, Art Building

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When a student becomesinvolvedthey become a part active member of the UTSA community and havetoopportunity to shapecampusand its traditions! Opportunities UTSA has 360+ student organizations.

Multidisciplinary Studies (MS 2.03.02,) Main Campus

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UTSA faculty earn accolades for their dedication to student success (3)

University of Texas at San Antonio receives ‘transformational’ $40M gift

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