4 Free Printable Dubai on World Map with Cities PDF | World Map With Countries (2023)

Dubai is the most populated city in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is on the Persian Gulf’s coast in UAE. Oman surrounds the Emirate of Dubai to the southeast, the Emirate of Sharjah to the northeast, and Abu Dhabi to the south. Check out Dubai on world Map! This city supplies oil worldwide, so view this country according to the map structure. More can be seen in the printable world map.

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Free Printable Map of Dubai on World Map with Cities PDF
Metro Map of Dubai City
Road Map of Dubai City
The character of the city
Google Map of Dubai City
About the City Of Dubai
Geography and Landscape of Dubai
Climate in Dubai
People in Dubai
Demographic And Economic Profiles in Dubai
Industry in Dubai
Tourism in Dubai
Singapore and Dubai

Free Printable Map of Dubai on World Map with Cities PDF

Dubai is famous worldwide for its high building and a resort, Take a look at this country on a printable Dubai map and download it.
4 Free Printable Dubai on World Map with Cities PDF | World Map With Countries (1)

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Metro Map of Dubai City

Metro is a lifeline for prominent cities and many big countries. Hence, you may be interested in viewing a metro Dubai city Map and also reading about the lifeline structure of the Dubai city. This Metro Dubai map was generated using the information on the Dubai Metro stations, zones, and current information about open stations.
4 Free Printable Dubai on World Map with Cities PDF | World Map With Countries (2)


Road Map of Dubai City

Dubai is a dream city for many people. It has many high peak buildings and so many hotels and people are working for this country from different countries. You can view the Dubai city Map here and download it for your personal use.
4 Free Printable Dubai on World Map with Cities PDF | World Map With Countries (3)


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The Map includes a city center map, tourism information, and a street index. For many countries and locations, Freytag & Berndt road maps are accessible. The road map consists of supplementary information, such as road surface, attractions, and more, and the precise plan.

The character of the city

As well as sun-seeking tourists, Dubai is a city of skyscrapers, ports, and beaches, where substantial commerce is conducted alongside them. Because of its vast expatriate community, it appears to be a Middle Eastern melting pot with a generally accepting attitude. Affiliations with religious organizations are not prevalent in city life. Islam is the predominant religion in Dubai. However, churches and Hindu temples live peacefully alongside the city’s mosques.

Google Map of Dubai City

Dubai means the latest wonderful country so many a dream to visit in one time for this country, so I hope you have loved this country so watch this country according to a map.
I hope this article has increased knowledge for a student, mostly a Dubai city famous in all the world you have loved this country so prepared a plan this country visit.

About the City Of Dubai

Dubai is the largest city in the UAE and the capital of the Emirate of Dubai. It is home to about 90% of the emirate’s population. As of 2017, Dubai had approximately 2.8 million people and a daytime population of about 4 million people. The city is a central global transportation hub, a global city, a major shopping center, and a center for regional trade. Dubai’s growth was accelerated by oil revenue. Today, the city’s economy relies on revenues from tourism, business, real estate, aviation, and financial service.
The first written mention of Dubai as a city is found in the geographer Abu Abdullah al-(1014–1094) Bakri’s “Book of Geography,” published in 1095. When it was recognized as a hub of commerce and pearling in the Middle Ages, it was a significant port city. The sheiks who governed Dubai struck a contract with the British in 1892, according to which the United Kingdom committed to “defend” Dubai from the Ottoman Empire for some time. During the Great Depression of the 1930s, Dubai’s pearl business came to a grinding halt.
The United Arab Emirates was formed in 1971 when Dubai combined with six other emirates to establish the United Arab Emirates. Foreign investors were forced to evacuate Dubai during the first Gulf War in 1990 due to the military and political unrest in the region. In addition to fossil resources, Dubai’s economy is now diversified, relying on real estate and construction, transportation exports, and financial services, among other things, to support itself.

Geography and Landscape of Dubai

Dubai is on the coast of the Persian Gulf within the Arabian Desert. The urban area around the city is approximately 3,885 square miles. Much of the city’s landscape has sandy desert patterns. The sand is made up of crushed shells and corals. The eastern portion of the town consists of coastal plains known as sabkha. The Western Hajar Mountains run along the Dubai-Oman border. The Dubai Creek runs through the city in a northeast-southwest direction. The locality Deira is formed in the eastern part of the city, with Dubai International Airport as the main feature of the locality.
4 Free Printable Dubai on World Map with Cities PDF | World Map With Countries (4)

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You will find small lengths of sandy beaches located in west Dubai, which has aided in the growth of the city’s tourism sector. Dubai’s leadership have tried to expand the city’s restricted seafronts, and, in the lack of natural offshore islands, developers have been urged to create massive artificial islands off the coast of the town, a move that has sparked international controversy. These include the Palm Jumeirah, shaped like a palm tree and most well-known.

The city site, Layout and Land Expansion in Dubai

Dubai is located in the southern part the Persian Gulf, straddling a natural inlet known as Dubai Creek. Because the early city’s economy was based on fishing, pearl diving, and marine trade, the area served as Dubai’s geographic center for more than a century. Those who have lived in Dubai for a long time may recognize the buildings that line the creek, most of which date back to the 1960s and are rarely more than two floors high. Several much older structures have been renovated in the Bastakiyyah area, located on the western side of the creek.
The new city center comprises a stretch of towers along Sheikh Zayed Road in Abu Dhabi. The Dubai International Financial Centre, which is housed in a futuristic arch-shaped building, and the Burj Khalifa, which was the world’s tallest building at the time of its official opening in 2010 and was named after the president of the United Arab Emirates and emir of Abu Dhabi, Khalifa ibn Zayed Al Nahyan, are both located close to Sheikh Zayed Road.
With roughly 3.33 million residents as of September 2019, the Emirate of Dubai is the second most populous of the seven United Arab Emirates and the second biggest in terms of land area. Dubai’s cityscape is constantly shifting and evolving due to the city’s ongoing desire to build bigger and better structures than before. If there existed a Palm Island, Nakheel imagined the World Island as a possible replacement. The Burj Khalifa was made, and the Burj Al Arab was rendered obsolete. Dubai is constantly competing with itself, attempting to draw travelers to a world of delights reminiscent of a dream.
Even though it adheres to its traditional Islamic traditions to the letter, it makes room for other religions, a unique characteristic in the conservative Arab world. UAE’s cosmopolitan city, Dubai, has developed as a worldwide melting pot and a commercial and cultural center, growing gradually.
The metropolitan region around the city encompasses over 1,500 square miles (3,885 square kilometers), with the city proper being approximately 15.5 square miles (25 square kilometers) (35 sq km). In addition to the development of artificial islands in the gulf, which will be known as Marsa Al Arab, as well as some construction in the desert areas, The newest manufactured islands, completed in 2017, will cover 4 million square feet (.14 square miles,.37 square kilometers) and extend the city’s shoreline by 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers). These new artificial islands do not represent the first time that artificial islands have been added to the city’s shoreline.
Three hundred private islands (dubbed “The World”) were constructed beginning in 2003 and sold to developers or affluent individuals to build private luxury residences (or many mansions on a single island) and resorts. Even though the majority of the 300 islands in the vicinity are undeveloped, construction in the area known as The Heart of Europe resumed in 2016 after having been suspended in 2008 during the global recession.

Climate in Dubai

In common with the rest of the Persian Gulf coastline, Dubai enjoys a hot temperature. Humidity is highest during the summer months and lowest during the rest of the year, except the winter months. The coldest winter month is often January, with lows of approximately 15 degrees Celsius (49 degrees Fahrenheit). The warmest summer month is typically July, with highs of more than 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit).

People in Dubai

A hot climate prevails throughout Dubai, as much of the Persian Gulf shoreline. High humidity levels are seen during the summer months, with only moderate levels throughout the remainder of the year. A typical January low temperature of 15 degrees Celsius (49 degrees Fahrenheit) is recorded, while the warmest summer month is July, with highs of 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit).

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Demographic And Economic Profiles in Dubai

Dubai has the most excellent population density of any city in the United Arab Emirates. 8 Dubai had 3,192,275 people at the end of 2018, with 2,233,390 males and 958,885 females, according to the most recent estimates. 9 Expatriates accounted for around 71 per cent of the population. 10
The population density of Dubai is the highest in the United Arab Emirates. 8 At the end of 2018, the population of Dubai was expected to be 3,192,275 people, with 2,233,390 men and 958,885 women. 9 About 71 per cent of the population was made up of foreigners. 10

Industry in Dubai

Approximately 80% of Dubai’s GDP is built on natural resources. However, in the second part of the twentieth century, Dubai’s rapidly expanding knowledge-based and services economy surpassed and nearly completely replaced its oil-based earnings. Currently, commerce, logistics, financial services, hospitality and tourism, real estate, construction, and manufacturing account for more than 90 per cent of all business activity in the United Arab Emirates. 16 According to the Dubai Industrial Strategy 2030, there are aims to improve the industrial sector to provide more employment opportunities for Emiratis.
Aerospace, aluminum and fabricated metals, food and beverage, machinery and equipment, marine, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment are the six key industrial sectors that have been selected so far.

Tourism in Dubai

Visitors visiting Dubai will find a variety of activities and attractions. For example, the Dubai Museum, housed within the Al Fahidi Fort, provides insight into Arabian culture and history. The city’s diverse landscapes, archaeological monuments, and the natural sea-water inlet known as The Creek, which passes through the heart of the town and is considered “the focal point of life in Dubai,” are all worth exploring. The Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and the Palm Jumeirah are just a few of the city’s most popular attractions. The Al Maktoum International Airport, one of the world’s busiest airports, handled 88.2 million passengers last year, increasing the previous year. You can check out the Map of Dubai city before barking on tourism to Dubai

Singapore and Dubai

Several Singaporean enterprises and start-ups have established operations in Dubai, mainly in financial services, logistics, hospitality, and urban solutions. On February 19, 2017, for example, the Bank of Singapore’s branch in Dubai’s International Financial Centre formally opened its doors to the public.

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How do I print a world map? ›

On your computer, sign in to My Maps. Open a map. Print map.

Is Dubai a country or a city? ›

Dubai, also spelled Dubayy, city and capital of the emirate of Dubai, one of the wealthiest of the seven emirates that constitute the federation of the United Arab Emirates, which was created in 1971 following independence from Great Britain.

What countries are by Dubai? ›

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is situated in the Southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, bordering Oman and Saudi Arabia. In December 1971, the UAE became a federation of six emirates - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain, and Fujairah, while the seventh emirate, Ras Al Khaimah, joined the federation in 1972.

Is Dubai a Indian? ›

Dubai is not in India either. It is very much in the country of The United Arab Emirates which is in the Southeast of the Arabian Peninsula.

How do I print a map from PDF? ›

Select (click on) the map that you want to view and / or print. This should open in Adobe Acrobat within your internet browsing software. 2. Select “File” then “Print” from your menu.

How do I download a map from a PDF? ›

  1. From direct PDF link. a. With a direct link to a PDF map, right-click & 'Save link as…' b. Check that 'Save as type:' drop-down says “Adobe Acrobat Document” and name map under 'File name:'. Navigate to folder directory where you want to save PDF and click 'Save'.
  2. From PDF in browser.

Is Dubai a rich country? ›

Dubai has a combined wealth of $312bn and is the top city in Africa and the Middle East and the fourth largest wealth center worldwide. The city lives up to its prosperous reputation and provides everything you need to succeed, including the capital, market, world-class infrastructure, and a secure environment.

What are the 7 cities in Dubai? ›

This section provides an overview of the UAE's seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.

How many countries live in Dubai? ›

There are more than 200 nationalities living and working in the UAE. The expatriate community outnumbers the population of UAE nationals. Indians form the largest foreign community in the UAE, followed by Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, other Asians, Europeans and Africans.

What language do they speak in Dubai? ›

Dubai's official language is Arabic but there are many variations prevalent in the city. Standard Arabic – the modernised, literary version – is the one you'll encounter in all legal, administrative and government texts, as well as books and newspapers.

Can you drink in Dubai? ›

Alcohol. UAE Residents can drink alcohol at home and in licensed venues. Liquor licences are still required for Residents in Dubai but are no longer required for Residents in Abu Dhabi and other Emirates (save for Emirate of Sharjah) to purchase alcohol for personal consumption.

How is Dubai so rich? ›

The UAE is the third-richest country in the world, below Luxembourg at number two and Qatar at number one, with a GDP per capita of $57,744. The bulk of its money comes from the production of goods and provision of services related to petroleum, petrochemicals, aluminium and cement.

Why do Indians love Dubai? ›

Dubai is widely regarded as one of the safest cities in the world, and when comparing the safety standards in Dubai with that of major cities in India, Dubai's safety is hard to match.

What people in Dubai do for money? ›

20+ ideas to make extra cash in Dubai
  • Teach your skills.
  • Turn your crafts to cash.
  • Blogging.
  • Freelancing.
  • Tourist guide.
  • Photography.
  • Provide accommodation.
  • Social media Influencer.
29 Sept 2022

Can I download a map from Google Maps to PDF? ›

Download as a PDF: To save the directions as a file on your computer, select PDF as at the bottom of the window on a Mac, or select Microsoft Print to PDF as your printer on a PC. Then, click Save at the bottom and choose a location to save your directions.

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Using Word, follow these simple steps:
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Create a button in your page layout software (like InDesign), open the pdf in Acrobat and go to Tools> Prepare Forms, right click the button to edit the button properties, copy the web address of the google map and paste it into the button.

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Share a map or location
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Who is the richest girl in Dubai? ›

Miserable in her finance job, Huda Kattan quit to become a makeup artist and then launched a blog in 2010. Kattan started Huda Beauty with her two sisters in 2013 when she couldn't find false eyelashes to buy.

Which country is No 1 rich country? ›

The United States tops the list of countries with the largest number of billionaires. Forbes estimates that 735 of the world's 2,578 billionaires are American citizens.

Do Dubai citizens get paid? ›

Expatriates and tourists are paying the Emirati lifestyle. The state provide the locals good salaries, because 75% of Dubai Emiratis are working for the government. In the other Emirates this number is even higher, reaching even more 90% of locals working for the government.

Which city is rich in Dubai? ›

The report said that the ultra-rich often reside in the “affluent parts of Dubai” such as Emirates Hills, Jumeirah Golf Estates, and Palm Jumeirah.

Which city is close to Dubai? ›

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates. Ajman, United Arab Emirates.

Which is famous city in Dubai? ›

Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Global Village, Dubai Mall, Ski Dubai, Desert Safari, Dubai Garden Glow, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai Frame. There are plenty of Dubai tourist places to choose from.

What is Dubai famous food? ›

What is Dubai's National Food? While meat, fish, and rice are the Dubai national foods, Al Machboos and Khuzi are the traditional cuisines of the country.

Can I wear shorts in Dubai? ›

Yes, women can wear shorts in Dubai as long as they are not too short. You can wear them at beaches or malls but you should avoid them at local markets and souks. Can men wear shorts in Dubai water parks? It is mandatory in the water parks to wear any kind of swimwear.

What do I wear in Dubai? ›

The general rule regarding dressing in public in Dubai is to wear clothing that covers your shoulders and your knees. It's best to refrain from wearing clothing that is too tight or too revealing for both men and women. It's a good idea to carry a light sweater or shawl when going out in public places.

Is Dubai a safe country to live in? ›

Low crime rate

Dubai is a leader in the world rankings of cities regarding the safety of its residents. The government of the UAE has imposed stringent laws, a well-devised impartial justice system and actively invested in modern technology to keep the city safe.

Is Dubai a free country? ›

The government restricts freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and the local media are censored to avoid criticising the government, government officials or royal families. As a result, the UAE routinely ranks near the bottom of many international measures for human rights and press freedom.

What kind of people live in Dubai? ›

Approximately 67% of the expatriate population (and 71% of the emirate's total population) is South Asian. About 25% of the population have Iranian origin. About 8% of the total population of Dubai is categorized as "Western". The median age in the emirate was about 27 years.

What is Hello called in Dubai? ›

Hello / Goodbye

While in Dubai, the most common greetings visitors will come across are marhaba (hello) and maasalaamah (goodbye or with peace).

Can I speak English in Dubai? ›

Non-Arabic languages spoken in Dubai

English is the most widely spoken language in Dubai, especially for business, trade and tourism. Around 75% of the population in Dubai are expatriates, most of whom speak English and/or their native language.

What is the living cost in Dubai? ›

The minimum cost of living in Dubai for a newly married couple can be anywhere between AED 4,900 – AED 10,200, depending on their lifestyle.
HousingCOST PER MONTH 1 BHK Apt: AED 2,833 (Al Nahda), AED 7,583(Dubai Marina)
4 more rows

Can woman drink in Dubai? ›

The quick answer: yes, as a tourist. One of the biggest misconceptions about Dubai is that you can't drink.

Can you eat pork in Dubai? ›

While only restaurants with the correct licence and kitchen facilities can serve pork in Dubai, there are many restaurants and bars in Dubai that do serve pork dishes.

Can Muslims drink Dubai? ›

The city adheres to Sharia Law, which forbids drinking for Muslims. But if you are a tourist, and a non-Muslim at that, then you are allowed to drink alcohol every now and then under certain conditions. Yes, drinking is tolerated (for Non-Muslims) in Dubai.

How do I print a map from home? ›

After you use Google Maps to find the directions to your destination, click "Details" in the menu on the left side of the screen, and then click the printer icon to start the printing process.

How do I print a map from my phone? ›

Print directions
  1. Click Directions. , then enter your desired location.
  2. On the map, select a route from the options provided.
  3. In the left menu, click Details Print .
  4. Select Print including maps or Print text only.
  5. Click Print.

How do I print a large map on multiple pages? ›

In Adobe Reader (which is free) you can: Select the poster option which will split a single image into multiple pages. Make the tile scale bigger which will split it into more pages. Press the Print button.

How do I print a 4 page map? ›

The PDF Way
  1. Convert your image into a PDF file. Open Adobe Reader (the free program) Click File → Create → PDF from File. ...
  2. Select File → Print and choose the poster option. This will split the image into multiple pages.
  3. Adjust the Tile Scale to fit the image to the size of your panel.
  4. Print.
12 Jun 2021

Can you use Google Maps in print? ›

Uses in print

Google Maps, and Google Earth, have built-in print or (for Earth Studio) export functionality. You may print content for non-commercial use and enlarge it (for example, a map with directions).

What printer is used to print maps? ›

A device used to print large maps, drawing, graphs etc is known as plotter. A plotter contains a printing head and a drum through which the paper comes out.

How do I print just the map key? ›

Method 1: Use for-each loop to iterate through LinkedHashMap. For each iteration, we print the respective key using getKey() method. for(Map. Entry<Integer,Integer>ite : LHM.

How do I print a location? ›

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  1. Go to https://maps.google.com.
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  4. Press Command + P or Ctrl + P.
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How do I copy a map from Google? ›

Share a map or location
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What is the best paper to Print a map on? ›

The best material to print maps for waterproof, hard wearing, and tear resistant results is a synthetic paper. These attributes are exactly what SYNPLAS SPA Synthetic papers offer as a Map or Chart printing material.

How much does it cost to Print maps? ›

Map Pricing
Map SizePaperMounted
Large (std.)$49$149
1 more row

How do I Print poster size in PDF? ›

If the file has multiple pages, scroll to the page you want to make a poster. Choose File>Print from the dropdown menu (just as usual, so far). In the Print dialog box that opens, under Pages to Print choose Current Page (if there are multiple pages). Under Page Sizing and Handling, choose Poster.

Is Google Earth Pro still free? ›

Google Earth Pro on desktop is free for users with advanced feature needs.

How do I print all map values? ›

Method 1: Print Map in Java Using for-each Loop

Within the for-each loop, you can use Map's getValue() and getKey() methods to iterate over key-value pairs. This is the most systematic way to print a map and should be used if it is required to print both map keys and values.


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