200 Powerful Words List: Jumpstart Your Writing Fast (2023)

Any writing with a marketing edge needs to use powerful words, and this powerful words list will help you capture them in your works.

If you want yoursocial mediaposts, blog posts,copywritingand even youremail subject linesto be as effective as possible, you must master power words. These words make every piece of writing you create, from a simple letter to an importantlanding page, work better, increasingconversionratesand making people want to take action.

So what are power words? This powerful words list will help you understand these persuasive words and how you can use them to boost conversions, create a best-selling novel or otherwise improve your writing.


  • Powerful Words List: Discovering the Impact ofPowerful Words
  • 200Power WordsYou Need to Know
  • HappinessPower Words
  • Prestige, Beauty and LustPower Words
  • Pride and EmbarrassmentPower Words
  • TrustPower Words
  • NewnessPower Words
  • Fear and AngerPower Words
  • SlothPower Words
  • Humor and CuriosityPower Words
  • GreedPower Words
  • Mind-BlowingPower Words
  • SensoryPower Words
  • SafetyPower Words
  • ExclusivityPower Words
  • ExcitementPower Words
  • How toUsePower Wordsto Boost Your Sales
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Powerful Words List: Discovering the Impact ofPowerful Words

200 Powerful Words List: Jumpstart Your Writing Fast (1)

Before delving into apowerwordslist, first, you must understand whatpowerful wordsare and why you need them. With just one word, many English phrases become incredibly powerful, sparking people to action.

Power works encourage people to take action by triggering anemotional response. They can also work by triggering curiosity. These two actions make them very helpful ine-commerceand marketing situations.

The best way to increase youruse ofpower wordsis to know what they are. Thischeat sheethas a list of popular words that can help you create powerful, effective marketing pieces.

200Power WordsYou Need to Know

As you work on yourcontent marketing, consider thesepower words:

HappinessPower Words

Human nature means people want to be happy, and these words make them feel happy or expect happiness from what you’re offering:

1. Alive

2. Amazing

3. Astonishing

4. Breathtaking

5. Brilliant

6. Epic

7. Exciting

8. Fascinating

9. Healthy

10. Heartwarming

11. Incredible

12. Insane

13. Inspiring

14. Legendary

15. Light

16. Profound

17. Thrilling

18. Unstoppable

Prestige, Beauty and LustPower Words

200 Powerful Words List: Jumpstart Your Writing Fast (2)

People appreciate beautiful things, and humans tend to want seductive items as well. If you are looking toincreaseconversionsand want to tap these emotions, consider these words:

19. Adorable

20. Breathtaking

21. Charming

22. Delicious

23. Elite

24. Expensive

25. Glamorous

26. Gorgeous

27. Heavenly

28. Lovely

29. Luxurius

30. Priceless


Pride and EmbarrassmentPower Words

If people fear that they will get embarrassed, they will be more likely to take action. These words tap into a person’s sense of pride or fear of embarrassment:

32. Achieve

33. Blunder

34. Clueless

35. Cringeworthy

36. Fail

37. Idiot

(Video) 10 Morning Habits Geniuses Use To Jump Start Their Brain | Jim Kwik

38. Mediocre

39. Obvious

40. Rejection

41. Ruin

42. Senseless

43. Shame/shameful

44. Triggers

45. Unknowingly

46. Waste

TrustPower Words

This list of power words makes the reader trust what you are writing. Use them in blog post headlines and popup ads to get people to click through and read your content because the words build trust.

47. Absolute

48. Authentic

49. Authority

50. Captivate

51.Case study

52. Elite

53. Ensured

54. Foolproof

55. Guaranteed


57. Lifetime

58. Memorable

59. Master


61. Proven

62. Reliable

63. Studies

64. Tested


NewnessPower Words

Human nature means people like to be on the cutting-edge, and these words will make them think that you are giving them new or novel information.

66. Challenge

67. Discover

68. Extraordinary

69. Hack

70. Latest

71. Life-changing

72. Miracle

73. New

74. Novel/novelty

75.Sneak peek

Fear and AngerPower Words

If you want to grab thereader’s attentionand get them to take action quickly, you may need to tap their fear center. Whether it is the fear ofmissing outor the shock of something happening in the world, these words evoke fear and anger responses.

76. Agonizing

77. Avoid

78. Awkward

79. Catastrophe



82. Dangerous

83. Deadly

(Video) Reboot Your Brain in 30 Seconds - (Discovered by Dr Alan Mandell, DC)

84. Disgusting

85. Epidemic


87. Failure

88. Heartbreaking

89. Horrifying


91. Limited

92. Revolting

93. Shocking

94. Strange

95. Terrifying

96. Unpopular

97. Vicious

98. Violent

99. Weird

100. Worst

SlothPower Words

Trigger wordsthat evoke feelings of rest and relaxation can actually be quite effective in youremail marketing. Sloth is not necessarily bad when it is at the right time, and tapping someone’s desire to relax can help you get the right action out of yourtarget audience. These words work well:

101. All-inclusive

102. Cheat

103. Child’s play

104. Efficient

105. Effortless

106. Formula

107. Hack

108. Jumpstart

109. Lazy

110. Magic

111. Minimalist

112. Speedy

113. Simple

114. Tricks


116. Uncomplicated

Humor and CuriosityPower Words

Sometimes getting someone to laugh a little can help put them in a good mindset to change. Eliciting feelings of curiosity will make them want to click a link. These words can do that:

117. Breaking

118. Crazy

119. Diagnosed

120. Discover

121. Emergency

122. Extraordinary

123. Funniest

124. Hilarious

125. Insane

126. Intriguing

127. Laugh

128. Little-known

129. Odd

130. Revolutionary

(Video) How to Speed Read | Tim Ferriss

131. Ridiculous

132. Strange

133. Unexpected

GreedPower Words

People like to have money. People fear not having money. These words tap into the emotions surrounding greed and the fear of scarcity:

134. Affordable

135. Bonus

136. Budget

137. Cheap

138. Efficient

139. Free

140. Lucrative

141. Steal

142. Unlimited

Mind-BlowingPower Words

People like having their minds blown about something surprising and shocking. These power words work well to do just that:

143. Alluring

144. Amazing

145. Astonishing

146. Awe-inspiring

147. Catapult

148. Defying

149. Explosive

150. Greatness

151. Incredible

152. Mesmerizing

153. Mouth-watering

154. Polarizing

155. Triumph


157. Unbelievable

SensoryPower Words

Sensorypower wordsmake you think about one of your five senses. By including those senses, you are able to imagine yourself using the product more thoroughly. Some sensorypower wordsinclude:

158. Appetizing

159. Dazzling

160. Delectable

161. Fragrant

162. Tantalizing

163. Tasty

Read our full list of sensory words.

SafetyPower Words

Like trust, people want to feel safe. Thesepower wordsmake them either fear for their safety or trust that you are giving them safety.

164. Accuse

165. Assault

166. Beware

167. Caution

168. Danger

169. Ethical

170. Fierce

171. Hoax

172. Jeopardy

173. Protect

174. Punch

(Video) 5 Effective Tips to Jumpstart Your English Studying

175. Safe

176. Scam

177. Sure-fire

178. Stop

179. Validate

ExclusivityPower Words

You can create strong feelings if you use words that give the reader a feeling of exclusivity. Thesepower wordswork well:

180. Confession

181. Divulge

182. Emerging

183. Insider

184. Little-known

185. Release

186. Secret

187. Special

188. Trend

189. Truth

190. Unconventional

191. Uncovered

192. Unique

193 Unseen

194. Untapped

195. Worst

ExcitementPower Words

Finally, don’t forget to create a sense of excitement. If you’re launching a newwebinarand want viewers, you need to make it sound exciting. Use words like these:

196. Fascinating

197. Riveting

198. Tempting

199. Thrilling

200. Transform

How toUsePower Wordsto Boost Your Sales

Power phrases and words make your links to yoursales pagesandlanding pages more effective. They are enticing and getpeople to click to read more.

You can also incorporate these words into your email marketing strategy to encourage more click-throughs to your landing pages. On the pages themselves, use the words appropriately in headings, subheads and other parts of your template to increase the number of people who follow through to become customers or make a purchase.

With theuse ofpower word,bloggers, online marketers and business owners usually see their sales figures go up. Tapping into common emotions is a key way to get people to take action and do business with your company. That said, remember to constrainyour use of filler words in sales copy. You might also find our list of pronouns useful.

A Final Word onPowerfulWordsList

Keep thispowerfulwordslisthandy for writing, copywriting and marketing. You’ll want to refer to it regularly as you plan marketing content.

Remember, emotions create actions, and words create emotion. This is whypower wordswork. Learn to wield them well, and you will see your writing become more powerful.

Like this? Check out our list of transition words for essays.

FAQs AboutPowerfulWordsList

What are somepowerful words?

Words that evokeemotional responsesin the reader arepowerful words. Some words that are quite powerful include:

How can you use power words?

Use power words to draw attention, make a written piece stand out and encourage your reader to take action. Use them to evoke emotional responses in the reader, get more click-throughs on online marketing ads or make your piece jump out when there are many things the reader is reading, such as when creating a cover letter or resume for a high-demand position.

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